The first phase of the quiz shall be held for 5 days on Saturday 31st August, Monday 2nd September, Wednesday 4th September, Friday 6th September and Saturday 7th September 2024 in the evenings (exact time for each day will be communicated some good time before the quiz dates arrive).


The reason we witness today majority of students lacking in useful academic knowledge and resorting to a fast growing culture of examination malpractice is not because human beings are no longer intelligent but because students are no longer committed. The enthusiasm directed towards studies is fast dying out in our current society. From our tutorials we witnessed parents doing all they can to get their wards to learn and be truly educated but usually get back a frustrating apathy from them. The interest and enthusiasm have died out.

We saw that and knew we needed to do something and help bring back the lost interest and excitement to studies. It is certainly the case that students have not bent down to go through what’s written in the book that is why they bear such indifference and lack of zeal. If we can find a way of making them bend down, study attentively and understand, the interest and enthusiasm will automatically return as they would be delighted at the discovery of the heights the knowledge they have gained can take them. So what did we do to bring this about? we launched the ACADEMY MATHEMATICS QUIZ to offer cash rewards to those who study, understand and so are able to answer correctly, questions in the quiz. The money will cause them to study attentively; the study will cause them to understand; the understanding will cause them to develop love for the knowledge they have gained, and thus seek more knowledge, having understood that they are capable of doing so, and that the knowledge is useful in the society.