Tailored to build good study habit in students, make them grow in knowledge and help them overcome dependence on examination malpractice.

by Jude Philipmary

In our commitment to following our goal of producing truly learned graduates and wiping out examination malpractice Uncle Jude’s lesson Nigeria launches


This programme will bring to an end students’ laziness and loss of interest in studies; it will make them shun examination malpractice.

The programme organizes examinations at the end of each term for students who went through our lessons for that term, and offer N20,000, N15,000, and N10,000 cash rewards or equivalent gift items to those who come first, second and third in the examinations for the SSS 1 and 2 and JSS 1 and 2 classes.

Lesson began on April 8th, 2024 at our main center located along high court road, adjacent government model secondary school, GRA, Asaba, Delta State, and runs Mondays to Fridays, 3pm to 5pm daily during schools sessions, and 10am to 12 noon during holidays . The program is on and examinations on all the topics taught during the lesson will be given just at the end of the term, and winners will be rewarded as stated above.

We appeal to all parents to key into this programme designed to make students become serious with studies and therefore become truly learned.

This programme is currently available for only offline classes and at our centers in Asaba for now. Other media will follow later.

If you also have been having trouble with your child’s performance in his or her subjects at school then this programme is for you. It was designed just for that purpose: to discover the problem and fix it. Call us on any of 07030161373, 08150730625 or send us a message via WhatsApp or email let’s get you started on your enrollment of your child/ward.

Happening in all our centers our open classes, clothed in discipline and hard work, bring students from different places together in one class and have them learn at the same time. This helps reduce the cost of lesson fees for them.

Being a class most effective for people who need special attention in specific areas of their fields and may be distracted by open classes, home lesson, like private classes, have provided that teaching platform that has satisfactorily met the needs of many throughout the years.

This one is never impeded by distance, and is very flexible that even classes can hold for some students at night hours when they return from work. Many also who may not like to leave their homes or have teachers come to their homes satisfactorily use this option.

Jude Philpmary

Uncle Jude’s Lesson is a Nigerian educational institution present and vast in many fields of studies. We represent our various disciplines and operate only within optimum standards that meet the satisfaction of our students and sponsors to the very full.

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