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Performance of “We make the government” at the Obidatti rally in Asaba

Dear Nigerian, the essence of “we make the government” song is to educate, motivate and strengthen the entire masses to rise up together and stand against the so-called political godfathers or “King makers” who go about manipulating our elections results from season to season. We are awakening minds to rise, rebuke and stop these wicked manipulators from enslaving us any further in our country. The candidate the majority of the masses choose and vote must truly be the one to lead Nigeria, no more manipulations!
As we sincerely respect your choice of candidate, we beg you for the sake of Nigeria which belongs to you and I and all the masses, please, work for the good of all Nigerians and help encourage only what promotes love, unity, justice and fairness.
God bless Nigeria, that is, you and me and the masses!

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We stay committed to our emancipation from the slavery of wicked men (article 11)

Dissertation on the Nigerian 2023 general elections is a clarion call to the masses to utilize their power and choose the right government that represents their good. It has served well to encourage the masses towards the right step and will remain relevant in future elections to alert the masses again and again and keep many from falling away from the right path.
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Let all the masses unite their voices and produce one strong and great voice that cannot be silenced

To unite all the masses and make our voices one and strong, we have created a Facebook group named The voice of the Nigerian masses. If you’re on Facebook please click here to visit and join the group and then invite your Facebook friends to join as well.

Remember, the masses are your brothers and sisters. United, we make a great life for ourselves, but divided, we scatter and our enemies take advantage of it and destroy our lives.

Arise O compatriots!
In God we trust!

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