By Jude Philipmary


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The sufferings of humanity has persisted for so long since the earliest times of the world principally because of the irresponsibility of the led which has continued to give rise to a totally irresponsible and wicked government.
Dissertation on the Nigerian 2023 general elections is written for Nigerians and addresses the led who are in-fact the holders of the power that makes the government. It informs and reminds them of who they are, what they can do, and what they must lawfully do to make a true government that comes to serve, and not to be served.


It was in the days when men revered human life did love dwell in their hearts. Today we behold a great shift from love into total distortion so that we hear men speak so much in favour of “protecting” mother nature; we see them fight for endangered animal species, cherish animal pets and even inanimate objects but terminate, without any qualm of conscience, little humans in the wombs of women. So the animal and the inanimate are loved, but human being isn’t loved; they can be made sacrifices for, but sacrifices needed to preserve the lives of these little humans cannot be granted. I am embarrassed by the hypocrisy of men! This is in fact a clear evidence that man does not love himself anymore. He loves the inanimate, the perishing, the unsatisfying, but that true love that lasts forever, he rejects and takes upon himself the flesh which blinds him and leads him to perdition. This dissertation contains words in defense of true love, to speak for these holy innocents who in silent sufferings from the hands of the misled and of the wicked die away with sorrow in their poor hearts which they do not have the ability to make known to mortals. For though in them the faculties of the soul is complete but in the wombs they lie, mortal eye does not see that sorrow which is even expressed in their little bodies. We fight for these helpless humans.


There is only one hope in the world, one value, one true life, one faith, and one light: the Catholic Church. The ignorant mock it, despise it; it is because he’s just a man whose wisdom and knowledge are limited, and who’s vulnerable to the blindness of the flesh, the world and the ancient foe. And though he’s not excused because of his reason by which he can clearly perceive light and darkness and can freely choose which to follow, he’s however pitied by his Creator Who loves Him beyond bounds, and in great patience supplies him with more and greater graces to choose the light and flee from darkness and eternally save his soul. But the ancient foe with that same intention from the very beginning to eternally destroy man in the garden of the Lord and scatter God’s plan will always and in great fury against that poor soul stay close to him with deceptive suggestions, doubts, mockery, clouded reasoning and unbelief. He works so hard, applies all his strength to stop that soul from embracing light and truth which he may have seen. But the holy Catholic Church is a mighty weapon against Satan, the ancient foe, and causes him to flee and disappear so that the souls he assails might get saved, having been granted a clearer light of grace. Hence to succeed in the destruction of souls, Satan wishes and fights to destroy the Catholic Church and take it out of the way. He comes through men whom he’s able to conquer and use especially those who consecrate themselves to him in the secret societies. He sends them into different places across the world: into the governments, schools, entertainment, fashion, tech companies, media, and into the Catholic Church itself. And they all have one principal goal: to stand against all that the Catholic Church stands for. This book defiles the worst of these enemies who are those sent into the Catholic Church to fight and destroy her from within. For though we are attacked from every side but we fear nothing! These are mere creatures, and God is on our side; hence they and their Satan are nothing. The promise of God that the whole of hell cannot destroy the Catholic Church is infallible. And though we behold today a contradictory papacy which dances to the tone of the enemy, the saints under the guard of holy Michael and the patronage of Mary, most holy of all creatures and the mother of the Church shall rise and defend their dear home, the Catholic Church: the only hope, the only value, the only life, the only faith, and the only light.

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