We work for the restoration of the eternal kingdom of God through music and writings, with words that direct the confused and strayed, the abandoned and sufferer, the unbelieving and lost hearts to the loving and caring arms of the Lord of creation, Jesus Christ Who has loved and saved the world but Whom the world does not love and does not want to know.

Jude Philipmary (JPM for short) is a Nigerian, born and raised there. He began his writings and songs compositions at the age of 16. After few years he desired and worked so much to become a monk but his inspirations and musical talents informed his living and mission in the secular world. The first ever released songs from him are the three tracks released at the age of 32 in December 2021 which are a prelude to his coming first album. In them one can find a summary of the message and mission he brings to and for humanity. His Christian writings tell it all. One would find that apart from his book on basic mathematics which he titled Academy (a product from Uncle Jude’s Lesson which he founded) all other writings of his are Christian. He demonstrated patriotism via his dissertation on the Nigerian 2023 general elections” and the song “we make the government” that accompanied it, both of which were released before the elections.

He promises many music albums and much Writings in defence of the poor and helpless, truth and love, to uphold integrity in a world now lost to great decadence.

Who Can Work With Us


Godly musicians, skilled in whatever field of music and using it to restore the lost purity of music.

Christian writers

Christian writers, journalists and media persons who use their offices to promote and defend godly ideals and principles as defined by Christ Jesus.


Whose foremost intention/desire is to pass true knowledge for the development and betterment of individuals.

All Men Of Goodwill

Indeed, everyone who sees and understands how deeply decayed this world has gone; everyone who's sick and tired of it all and seeks a change for the better is with us in this. You can help spread the word, the good news; you can help make it reach every single man/woman on the face of the whole earth.

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