Academy: Primary mathematics 6, PDF

Did you ever consider the existence of a detailed mathematics textbook written to teach basic mathematics from simple to standard, allowing learners to gain the full knowledge independently without the assistance of a mathematics teacher?

1. Parents and guardians who need mathematics knowledge to teach their young ones will find that textbook most useful;

2. Children who can read and write will find it very useful as they will be able to learn well without the presence of a teacher;

3. Students who are studying basic mathematics in colleges and universities will find it very helpful, and the same is true for adult education students;

4. Teachers will find it even more useful as it will provide them with a teach-yourself assistance for their pupils, hence easing and effecting their work when the pupils buy the book and use it.

Academy is that mathematics textbook! Its order of going from simple to standard guides the teacher to achieve passing the knowledge of basic mathematics effectively to the students, missing or leaving out nothing such that the student will not find any question on any of the topics in any test or examination too difficult.

Academy is a continuous assessment textbook written with the standard of National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) and in line with the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) curriculum under the ideals of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme. The book was supplementarily reviewed under the Delta State ministry of education and approved on September 1st 2020. Also reviewed under the Ebonyi State ministry of education and approved in September 2021.

Whether you are teaching yourself or others ACADEMY offers an excellent guide to you to reach your desired goal. Ideal for primaries 4 to 6 classes, corrects the foundational mathematics fault for students in JSS 1 to 3.

Know what Academy says, know the math! Buy today at an affordable price of 3,000 Naira!


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I have read through the proposed textbook written by Mr. Jude. It is a detailed simplification of the subject. Students who usually fear mathematics will find that this over-simplified mathematics textbook has in-fact removed the mystics that make students fear mathematics.

I have no doubt that any student who has diligently gone through this text will find that mathematics is interesting.

I look forward to its production. It is a new approach that promises to remove the usual fear which makes students see mathematics as difficult.

I recommend it for all basic six students.

Prof. B.I.C Ijomah


St Gemma, patroness of Uncle Jude's Lesson

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